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Strategic Partners

These companies have accomplished their leading market position by having the vision to see future opportunities and the ability to exploit them. Our clients have seen the future of corporate training and of workforce performance management, and have joined with peopleatwork.ca to exploit that opportunity.  

Gamiikamowin is a First Nations Limited Partnership focused on providing Labour Planning and Management Solutions to all major projects on territorial lands.

Our Objective:
Protecting Canada’s Largest Natural Resource… its People

Gamiikamowin’s directives and offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Priority employment opportunities for First Nations people on project territory and extended to participating First Nations
  • Access to employment training and personal development
  • Industry leading Health, Safety & Environment training prior to deployment
  • First Nation site co-ordination and Employee representation
  • Professional business management systems ensuring profit is made for the corporation that benefits the community
  • Ensure IBA Employment and Training commitments are managed with participating companies
  • The potential for Tax Free Income to individuals performing work within defined parameters of the CRA

Our business supports production, development and maintenance with:

- Temporary and Permanent Labour

- Project Personnel

- Payroll Functions

Encore is an employee participated division of Workforce that focuses on re-introduction of experience to the field. It bridges the apparent gap of the Canadian labour force and ensures that not only work gets done but allows knowledge to flow through the ranks so that it can sustain Canada’s resource economy for the future.

Are you retired or about to be? Do you know someone that is? Make your way back to the field with Workforce Encore… we need you!